Use Cases


Vertigo & Diagnostic Testing

Our primary focus is the treatment of chronic vertigo, suffered by more than 16 million people in the U.S. In addition to treating vertigo, our technology has shown to aid in nausea inducing diagnostic tests including VNG testing.

Motion Sickness and Seasickness

Motion sickness and seasickness are everyday occurrences for many of the men and women serving in armed forces. As the only solution to motion sickness which doesn’t negatively impact troop readiness, we are currently working with forward operators to develop and field our technology.

Improving User Experience

Virtual reality environments cause spacial discordance by providing a visual indication of movement without the corresponding movement in the inner ear. This causes nausea in the majority of VR users. Our technology is proven to mitigate this effect allowing users to stay in VR environments longer.


Treating Everyday Motion Sickness

From seasickness to car induced motion sickness, our technology prevents the underlying cause of motion induced nausea experience by over a third of people. Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, our technology is fast acting and side effect free.