Anti-Motion Sickness Integratable Technology

Otolith Labs has created a compact wearable technology which prevents motion sickness and virtual reality sickness. OtoTech has no side effects, works instantaneously, and is virtually silent. Functional prototypes for these products (TRL 6 and TRL 7) have been tested and are further explored by Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, and various research institutions. Otolith is currently working on integrated solutions for the US Air Force, the Defense Health Agency, NASA, and the NIH.

VR Sickness Prevention

Contract Pending

10 to 20% of VR users will experience virtual reality sickness in VR training environments. OtoTech allows use of Virtual Reality for longer periods of time without symptoms of VR sickness. Greater use of Virtual Reality in training can improve mission readiness, reduce costs and reduce risks of injury.

Contracts: Phase I Joint SBIR to investigate applications of OtoTech. Otolith is working closely with DMSSO and AETC to submit a Phase II SBIR to integrate the OtoTech for use in VR training. 

Motion Sickness

Phase II in Progress

OtoTech can be integrated into helmets, headsets and other head worn equipment to improve Mission Readiness by reducing symptoms of Motion Sickness and eliminating the need for pharmacological solutions which can cause drowsiness. Currently, there are studies being done with Ford and Jaguar

Contracts: D2P2 SBIR – OtoTech Helmet Integration to Reduce Pilot Trainee Droput Rate. TPOC: Colonel Robertson, AETC

Testing Partners